If you’re taking a stroll through the Amazon jungle, you want to be careful where you step! Caimans are large, aquatic reptiles found in swamps and rivers in Central and South America. But you don’t have to travel that far to see them – just stop by the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium!

The Caiman exhibit is the newest exhibit in the Journey to South America gallery at LLPA. It will open at 9am on Saturday, January 31. It’s also the Aquarium’s first “Member Morning,” where Members can get in an hour before the general public. The Aquarium has two Caimans, a male and a female. Caimans are most closely related to alligators and crocodiles. They have scaly skin and are mostly nocturnal. Dwarf caimans grow to about three feet.

They eat a lot of fish, but they also eat insects, birds and small mammals. We invite the media to cover the opening of the exhibit, learn more about these animals and also about exciting, upcoming events at the Aquarium. We hope to see you Saturday at 9am!