Field Trips at The Living Planet Aquarium

Aquarium Field Trips

Thank you for your interest in the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium’s unique, educational experiences! Please read through the information on this page to learn more about what we can offer you during your visit to the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium.

Pricing and Qualifications

Our field trip programs are specifically designated for qualifying SCHOOL groups. See below for more information about admission and qualifications.

School Group Discount Eligibility

School Groups

eligible for EcoVenture Classes and Group Visits

Non-school Groups

eligible for Group Rate
Public Schools (Pre-Kindergarten-12th Grade) Families
Charter Schools (Pre-Kindergarten-12th Grade) Summer Camps
Accredited Private Schools (Pre-Kindergarten-12th Grade) Church, Community, and Non-Profit Groups
Home School Groups Private Preschool, Child Care and Day Care Programs
College Classes Recreation Centers
Residential Treatment Centers and Post-High School Programs Assisted Living and Senior Citizen Centers
After-School Programs, School Clubs and Summer School Programs funded by a school district After School Programs, Clubs, and Summer Programs NOT funded by a school district
If you have determined that you are a qualifying school group, you are in the right place! See below for pricing information, and to fill out the online form and schedule your visit. If you have determined that you are not a school group, please visit the Group Sales Page or call Guest Services at 801-355-3474 ext. 218.

A 15 person minimum is required to receive the discount. Exceptions can be made for groups of students with special needs.

EcoVenture Class Eligibility

These programs are offered to accredited public, charter and private schools and home school groups that visit during school hours in conjunction with a class where the students receive a credit or grade. They are a free addition to the self-guided experience. See below for information about our EcoVenture Class programs.

A 15 student minimum is required to participate in an EcoVenture Class. Exceptions can be made for groups of students with special needs.

Admission Prices

Students Title 1 School Students Teachers Additional Adult Chaperones Siblings*
$4.95 Free Free $6.95 $6.95

*Bringing siblings on a field trip is discouraged because of the important responsibilities of the chaperones. Chaperones are required to monitor behavior of students and encouraged to facilitate learning within their group. However, sibling attendance is at the discretion of the teacher.

Free Adult Chaperone Ratio

Pre-K – Kindergarten 1st – 12th Grade Special Needs
1:5 1:10 1:1 for Para-Professionsals

EcoVenture Classes

EcoVenture Classes are a FREE addition to the self-guided experience. These programs offer a unique classroom experience with one of our science educators. Each EcoVenture Class is designed for a maximum of 35 students at a time. If you have a larger group, multiple presentations will be scheduled and each class will go into the classroom separately. Depending on the grade level, each EcoVenture Class last 20-35 minutes and is located in one of our four on-site classrooms. If you are planning to participate in the classes, please plan on spending at least 2 hours at the aquarium.


All EcoVenture Classes are interactive and inquiry based. They align with the Utah State Core Curriculum guidelines by grade level, as well as the National Science Education Standards and North American Association of Environmental Education Guidelines. This integrated, purpose-driven approach provides for a rich and interesting experience for students of all ages.

Pre-K/Kindergarten – Animal Shapes and Colors

Geckos, snakes, and tree frogs, oh my! Students will get an up close look at live animals and investigate how their shapes, colors and other characteristics help them survive. *Available to 4-5 year olds entering Kindergarten next year.

1st Grade – Fun with Maps

Take a journey on our giant world map and discover oceans, rainforests and other amazing habitats! Students will use their mapping skills to determine the best homes for plants and animals. Includes a live animal encounter!

2nd Grade – Blue Whale

How do you size up the largest animal that ever lived on earth? By using comparisons and measurements, students will find out just how large a Blue Whale is and how this amazing creature interacts with other animals and its environment.

3rd Grade – Exploring Tides

How many living and nonliving things can you find in a tide pool? Students will participate in a simulation of animal interactions in tide pools after learning how the Earth, Moon and Sun cause the tides.

4th Grade – Fascinating Fossils

Fossils are fun! We will take your students on an expedition to the past where they will uncover fossil types and how and when they are formed.

5th Grade – Fish Characteristics

What makes a fish, a fish? Explore the anatomy of interesting aquatic creatures and learn how inherited traits play a role in the struggle for survival.

6th Grade – Microorganisms

Observe the organisms you can’t see without a microscope! Learn how microorganisms range from simple to complex and find out how the smallest things can affect people and nature in unexpected ways.

7th-12th – Symbiotic Relationships

Focus on the many kinds of relationships among species. Terminology includes: producers and consumers, the 3 types of symbiotic relationships - mutualism, parasitism, and commensalism.

7th-12th – Shark Biology

Explore the adaptations that help make sharks some of the most fascinating predators in the ocean.

7th-12th – Aquarium Careers

Focus on different career opportunities in zoos and aquariums. Learn about steps required to advance in the field.

7th-12th Threatened and Endangered Species

Discuss how human influences are impacting threatened and endangered species. Using critical thinking, students are asked to infer likely causes of population decline in various species.

Education Materials

Prior to your visit to the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium, we recommend that you download, print and use the Teacher Guide, as well as the Student Research Guide. Both resources were developed specifically to enhance and maximize learning experiences at the aquarium.

Note: Pdf documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and view. If you do not have the reader you can download it for free here.

Teacher Guides

PreK-K – Animal Shapes and Colors Teacher Guide
1st Grade - Fun with Maps Teacher Guide
2nd Grade - Blue Whale Teacher Guide
3rd Grade - Tides Teacher Guide
5th Grade - Fish Characteristics Teacher Guide
6th Grade - Microorganisms Teacher Guide

Student Research Guides

PreK-K Student Research Guide
1st-2nd Grade Student Research Guide
3rd-4th Grade Student Research Guide
5th-6th Grade Student Research Guide
7th-12th Grade Student Research Guide

Schedule a Visit

Field Trip Options

We offer two options for school field trips to the aquarium, Self-Guided with EcoVenture Classes and Self-Guided Only.

1) Self-Guided with EcoVenture Classes:

For teachers looking for a classroom style program during the field trip, EcoVenture classes can be added to the self-guided experience for no additional charge (if eligible – see chart above). To schedule a field trip with EcoVenture Classes, fill out the “EcoVenture Class Reservation Request Form.”

2) Self-Guided Only:

These visits are designed for schools who would like to explore the aquarium at their own pace without attending a class. To schedule a self-guided only field trip, fill out the “School Group Visit Reservation Request Form.”


All field trip reservations are made with our online forms below. Once you are ready to make a reservation, please fill out all fields completely and submit the form. Reservations must be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance. Submitting your request form does not guarantee that your field trip has been scheduled. Your field trip is guaranteed once you receive a confirmation e-mail.

We will make every effort to process your request within five business days. You will receive a confirmation email regarding your field trip date and time. If we cannot accommodate your request we will contact you.

If you have any questions, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call our Field Trips Manager at (801) 355-3474 ext 206.