Loveland Living Planet Aquarium makes a splash on Fox News Channel!

It’s not every day a Fox News reporter walks up to you to do a news segment, but that’s what happened when the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium was up at the Sundance Film Festival!

James Rosen with Fox News Channel was interested in Zali, our Bredli Carpet Python. Ari Audd, our Special Events Coordinator, was holding Zali. Rosen asked how we train to work with the animals and how they become accustomed to being handled. Audd explained that we learn all we can about a particular animal and then practice handling them until we are comfortable. Our staff members work with the animals until they no longer seem nervous while being handled.

The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium was at Sundance to let people know about all our new facility has to offer, including Utah’s only 4D theater, which can be used as a screening room for films. We also have a large banquet room for special events, with floor to ceiling windows into the shark tank!

The Aquarium can also be used as a filming location. Our Journey to South America exhibit has over 500 living plants and simulates a tropical rain forest. There are even tropical birds free flying in the exhibit.

Watch for more media coverage as we get closer to our opening. Thanks for following The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium!