November 2013

From Brent’s desk:

Re: Updates as the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium takes shape

Next month will mark a significant milestone in the life of The Living Planet as we add a brilliant oasis of learning and adventure to the map. We will open the doors to the beautiful, new home of the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium in Draper, Utah.

We have made substantial progress over the past 30 days and I wanted to provide an update on our milestones and momentum.

You may have noticed our name is now prominently displayed on the side of the building facing I-15, but that is just the outside.

We have received 44 different species (fish, birds, amphibians, and reptiles) since October 1st, including: a Red Shiner (a fish found in Utah), a variety of tropical reef fish, hour glass tree frogs, a variety of dart frogs, wood ducks, and paradise tanagers, which are colorful birds from the northern regions of South America.

Many of the exhibits and future habitats are beginning to take shape. Our staff and volunteers have been invaluable and are working long hours to create the habitats for the new arrivals. We are fortunate to have such a talented team as they have designed and completed the work on the exhibits with their own hands.

It is inspiring to watch the renowned artist Billy Hensler hand paint the stunning murals that will grace the walls of the aquarium.

Many of the aquarium tanks are installed and the diving entry platform for the shark tank is in. We are looking forward to offering patrons the opportunity to dive with the sharks, which will be a chance of a lifetime activity that has never before been offered here in Utah. It will certainly be a memorable event for all who participate.

The world famous Boulderscape team has created the rockwork in the Otter’s indoor/outdoor river habitat, the stingray touch pools and the Journey to South America Exhibit. This adds elements of realism and variety to the aquarium’s interior.

As a reminder, we are still able to offer memberships for families and individuals on our website and a few sponsorships are still available for individuals, companies and foundations. We also have a new Corporate Membership program that allows you to give passes to your employees and have your annual event at the Aquarium.

We have received many encouraging calls, emails and social media comments from people throughout the community who share our excitement and anticipation of the opening of Loveland Living Planet Aquarium at the end of the year. The closer we come to opening our new doors, the more eager we are to share our world with you. Thank you for your support!

Thank you for believing in us,
Brent Andersen
The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium