October 2013
From Brent’s desk: 
Re: A look back at how far we’ve come and a thank-you for your support.
I founded The Living Planet Aquarium in 1998 and began with just one van that visited local elementary schools to educate children about marine science.  Bringing the ocean to local school children to teach them about science, the earth’s diverse ecosystems and inspire them to continue to explore, discover and learn was the beginning of a much  larger goal, which has always been to bring a world class aquarium to Utah.  This was my dream, but my dream has been embraced by hundreds in our community- making it a reality.  Thank you for your help and support. 
We are almost there.  We grew from that one van to many and with your help moved into our “preview exhibit” in the Gateway in Salt Lake City in 2004.  It was 10,000 square feet that was bursting with visitors and quickly outgrown. With the support of the local community who believed in our vision we were able to move into the much larger Sandy location in 2006- just two short years later.
This is the 43,000 sq. foot aquarium that many of you look on fondly and that was a very important stepping stone on the way to our final destination.  We are now just a few months away from opening the new Loveland Living Planet Aquarium.  

It will be just over triple the size at 136,000 square feet.  The aquarium will feature a 40 foot tunnel that will allow you to walk through the 300,000 gallon shark tank holding 20 different sharks, various rays, multiple sea turtles and many other fish and sea creatures. 
The penguin habitat will also be expanded to quadruple the old size in order to allow for more species of penguins.  The river otter’s habitat will be tripled in size and include an outdoor pool for them.  There will be many new and exciting animals for our community to experience and enjoy.  
This would not have been possible without the support of the local community, volunteers and our corporate sponsors. Thank you for believing in us.  We look forward to sharing our ocean world with you in just a few short months. 
Thanks for your support,
Brent Andersen
The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium