Penguin Encounters at The Living Planet Aquarium


Q. What is the Penguin Encounter?

A. The Penguin Encounter is an educational program where guests receive the opportunity to see and experience our collection of Gentoo penguins up close, behind the scenes.

Q: How much does a Penguin Encounter cost?

A: $20 per person for members, $25 per person for non-members

Q. Do we need reservations?

A. Penguin Encounters are offered Friday-Tuesday at 3:00pm. Space is limited to 10 people. Advance reservations are required. Call (801)355-3474 to reserve your space. The price for a Penguin Encounter does not include Aquarium admission.

Q. How long does a Penguin Encounter last?

A. The Penguin Encounter begins at 3:00PM and lasts approximately 45 minutes from beginning to end.

Q. Do we get to touch, pet or feed a penguin?

A. At no time is a Penguin Encounter participant allowed to touch any of the penguins unless otherwise invited by the Husbandry Staff member. TLPA’s penguins expect food to come from hands and will bite hands looking for food. Unfortunately, you cannot feed them, but you can watch a daily feeding through the window in the Falkland Island Research Station as our aviculturist and/or aquarist feed them at 3pm.

Q. Is it cold in there?

A. Yes, it is 40-45 degrees in the summer and 38-40 degrees in the winter. We have jackets available; however we encourage participants to bring jackets. No open toed shoes are allowed to be worn during a Penguin Encounter. TLPA’s penguins are extremely inquisitive and will most likely bite toes.

Q. What do I do if I am late?

A. The Penguin Encounter starts at the entrance of the theatre where an education presentation will be given about our penguins. The presentation lasts about ten to fifteen minutes. After that time, the group will go behind the scenes at which that time you will have to find a staff member to escort you back. Guests are not allowed in the back areas un-escorted.

Q. Can I take pictures?

A. Yes, you can! The penguins do not mind, and some of them can be such posers. Don’t worry; the flash will not scare the penguins.

Q. Can I be in the pictures?

A. It depends on the penguin whether he or she will allow people to approach him or her. Our aviculturist and/or aquarists are experts in detecting how the penguin feels about interacting with a group of people on a daily basis.

Also please note...

Encounters can be rescheduled at any time if there is an animal emergency. Because these are special, behind-the-scenes experience, and participants are allowed in staff-only areas, it is not wheel-chair accessible.

arrowsPenguin Encounter Rules.