2015 Aquarium Exhibit Sponsors

Ocean Explorer Hall, Tuki's Island Play and Party Center
Andrew Powell Cuttlefish
Lake Powell
Cold Water Species
Bourne Spafford Foundation Clownfish, Piranhas
Deep Sea
Electric Eel
Child Family Duck pond, Waterfall
King Crab
Dumke Foundation Shark Tank
Amazon Frogs, Poison Dart Frogs
Flamm Family Foundation Octopus, Garden Eels
Garden Family Foundation Deep Sea Fish
River Otters, Boardroom
Rocky Shores Touch Pool
Lake Powell
Four-eyed Fish
MyMommyStyle.com Rope Bridge in JSA
Ken Murdock Anaconda
Lance Kocherhans & Jerrod Jeppson Nautilus
4D Theatre
Tropical Invertebrates
Dive Program
Loveland Family Foundation Building Naming
Mcarthy Family Foundation Virgin River
Giant Lobster, Milk Frog
Great Salt Lake Aviary
Sound System
Coral Reef
Solar Pannels
Flaming Gorge Reservoir
Utah Lake, Uintah Mountain Stream, Slot Canyon, Deseret Tortoises, Utah Highlands
Education Classroom
Megalodon Photo Op
Sydney Vie Sea Horses
Tanner Co. Leopard Sharks
Interactive Water Education
Mine Shaft
Green River
Wheeler Foundation Turtle Pond, Lionfish
White Family Stingray Touch Tank, Jelly Fish
Whittington Family Mantis Shrimp
Freshwater Stingray

Other Sponsorships Available

Contact our Development Department at 801-355-FISH (3474) ext.220

Discover Utah Hall

Amazon River Giants Tank

Dwarf Caiman Tank

Antarctic Adventure Hall

Toucan Aviary

tuki's island play and fun center

Tuki's Kids Club

Did you know that as an Aquarium Member, your children can join Tuki’s Kids Club for free? In Tuki’s Kids Club, presented by America First Credit Union, children up to 12 can join on Member Mornings at Tuki’s Island: Play and Party Center. Kids Club Members get a free collectible water bottle and a membership card. They also receive an activity sheet each month with fun facts.

As a member of Tuki’s Kids Club, you can also start a smart savings path with a youth account at America First Credit Union. Every account comes with a Penny or Buck piggybank, a savings passport to track goals, and some fun extras. Youth accounts are available at all America First Credit Union locations. America First is federally insured by NCUA.


Tuki’s Kids Club meets every Member Morning at 9am in Tuki’s Island! Member Morning is the last Saturday of every month

Baby penguins at Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

Want to help name our first baby penguin?

CLICK HERE to enter the contest! We will choose the top 5 names on July 31.

Baby Penguins Hatch at Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium is excited to announce two Gentoo penguin chicks have hatched! They hatched on Wednesday, June 10.

The first week is a critical time for the chicks. Gentoo penguins typically lay two eggs every year. In the wild, it is common for only one chick to survive for first time parents. To increase the chances of the chicks surviving, the Animal Husbandry team is caring for one of the chicks off exhibit, while the other is being cared for by its parents in the exhibit. The parents are named Sampson and Fria, and they are first time parents.

Aquarium visitors may find it hard to spot the new chicks for several weeks. But if you’re lucky, you may catch sight of them being fed. These are the first chicks for this group of penguins at the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium. The penguin exhibit, sponsored by Mountain America Credit Union, first opened in March 2010 at the Aquarium’s previous location in Sandy.

Gentoo penguins are very nurturing. Both parents work to build the circular nest made of stones. Once the eggs are laid, the mother and the father take turns sitting on it for about a month. The chicks remain in the nest for up to a month after they’re born. The Aquarium is excited to welcome a few more chicks soon, as there are a few more eggs getting ready to hatch. For updates, follow The Living Planet Aquarium on Facebook. You can also watch a live stream of the penguins on our Penguin Cam.