Dive Specialist

The Dive Specialist position will be responsible for assisting with the LLPA tank cleaning, maintenance, and repair. This position will require the Dive Specialist to be in close proximity with the various LLPA inhabitants and closely adhere to the safety protocols of the LLPA Dive Program.


Applicants must have the following prerequisites in order to be eligible for the Dive Specialist program:

Completed 60 hours as an Exhibit Interpreter

Be 21 years of age

Have an Open Water certification from a nationally recognized organization

Completed 25 open water dives; 5 within the past year

Have a current CPR/AED/First Aid/O2 Administrator certification from a nationally recognized organization

Submit a physical exam from a board certified physician

Advanced Open Water and Dry Suit certifications are preferred

Once accepted into the Dive Program, the Dive Specialist must also complete:

A written exam and swim test

A skills checkout dive with the LLPA Dive Safety Officer or Designee

If you agree to the terms of the VSA, please follow the link below to submit an application to the program.


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